ESC Cincinnati Helps the Lakota Local Schools Evaluate their Value to Taxpayers

Challenge: Lakota Local Schools partnered with ESC Cincinnati and University of Cincinnati Economics Center to develop and use data to tell their compelling story.

Solution: The competitive labor market analysis revealed that the Lakota Schools are achieving a good return on investment. Relative to the average school district in the State of Ohio, Lakota spent fewer dollars per student while achieving higher graduation rates. Also, the District’s pay and benefits scale compares favorably with the market. This report not only shows the taxpayer that the Lakota Schools are using their dollars wisely, but also puts the School District in a strong competitive position in recruiting and hiring the best qualified teachers and staff.

ESCC feels that their consultants can apply this study process it to other school districts to aid them in examining and refining their programs. This is an example of how a consultant project can become a model for additional projects, even influencing the practices of other ESCs in the nation.