Diversity is at the heart of the nonprofit community in the United States. Our future is driven by the multiple needs, perspectives and values of those we serve. ESC-US affiliates are inherently involved in advancing social justice and equity by our work with a variety of nonprofits assisting the disadvantaged and marginalized in the communities they serve.

The ESC-US Board continues to keep issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at the forefront of our work – both to benefit affiliates’ own operations and to more effectively assist their clients. In an ongoing effort to enhance these efforts, the Board of ESC-US has created a taskforce to facilitate the sharing of information and experiences throughout our affiliate network about DEI initiatives being undertaken by individual affiliates and additional resources from across the country. The Taskforce’s objective is to help ourselves and each other better embrace diversity, equity and inclusion more effectively in our operations and in our service to nonprofits in our communities.

We are fully committed to building just, equitable, and sustainable communities through our work and we look forward to working together with all the ESC-US affiliates to empower and strengthen nonprofits that help make our diverse communities extraordinary places in which all can thrive.

ESC-US Board of Directors