The Executive Service Corps-United States (ESC-US) is a national network of organizations that provide consulting, coaching, facilitation and many other services to strengthen nonprofits, schools and government organizations.

By helping nonprofits improve their management and governance we are improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.Our affiliates offer high impact volunteer opportunities to professional, including those with senior level experience in business, government, or nonprofits.

The Executive Service Corps-United States is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that builds the capacity of our affiliates by:

  • Developing partnerships with national organizations
  • Establishing performance benchmarking for ESC affiliates
  • Facilitating the exchange of best consulting practices and model programs
  • Marketing to national nonprofits
  • Securing funding for affiliates’ consulting programs
  • Organizing our National Leadership Conference

ESC-US is governed by a board made up primarily of the executive directors of organizations using the executive Service Corps model from across the US as well as other members from member organizations.

Affiliate Contact Information