• Volunteer Management Consultants to Nonprofits

    “Recently we found ourselves struggling to find a path forward. Declining philanthropy in our community as well as several staff changes led our Board to assess whether to continue operations or make major modifications. At its December 2018 meeting, we voted to substantially restructure the organization. By using best practices learned through active involvement in ESC-US, we were able to incorporate lessons learned through other affiliates. As we continue our mission of serving central Oklahoma nonprofits, we do so with a real sense of gratitude for its affiliation with ESC-US.

  • Strategic Planning

    “I have relied on ESC of Southern California for more than 14 years for wisdom, strategic thinking, feedback, and a no-nonsense approach. To aptly serve APCH as it was a year ago, we had to set a course and rebuild the ship while we were sailing it, and our ESC team was integral to the process. Their combined experience and the grace and good humor with which they led and supported our strategic planning process was the best I’ve ever experienced, resulting in a plan for APCH that supports the organization’s renewed dedication to its mission and work in a community that has great needs.”

  • Partner Agency Coaching

    “United Way of Central Oklahoma believes in the quality of ESC of Oklahoma’s training so we brought them in for training our Partner Agencies. The information and support ESCCO provides to local nonprofits not only strengthens the individual organization, but it strengthens the entire nonprofit sector. The program is customized to fit each organization and their specific needs. The unique coaching experience allows for Partner Agency Directors to grow personally, while strengthening their organization.”

  • Strategic Management

    “Tom Monaco (ESC of Cincinnati Volunteer Consultant) coached our entire leadership team and helped us create the framework for our organizational priorities. The coaching encouraged us as an organization to look at it differently than we did before.”

  • Operations

    “For the last 6 years, ESC of Houston’s dedicated consultants helped shape the Hashoo Foundation USA bylaws, policies, procedures and business plan implementation.  As a result, the Hashoo Foundation USA has improved its international presence and impact.”

  • Human Resources

    “This has been one of the most valuable projects we have undertaken, to help guide mission impact through staff performance. We worked with a dream team of experts at ESC of Greater Illinois, who I hope to work with again.”


  • Leadership Coaching

    “501 Commons provided coaching that validated leadership strengths I already had, and, at the same time, I received support in the development of skills in other areas of interest, such as communication and organizational skills.”

  • Development

    “We felt that working on this program benefited the Center.  The best part was sharing of ideas by other agencies and the open discussion during the meetings.  As a result of our work with ESC Houston, we are better able to develop a fund development plan.”

ESC Chicago Enhances Streamwood Park District

VIP clientsThe Public Agency: Streamwood Park District provides diverse recreational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of area residents to enhance the quality of life in the community.

The Need: Strategic Planning with defined objectives, measurable outcomes and realistic timelines to focus Commissioners and staff.

ESC Solution: ESC provided a consultant team with Park District expertise and experience creating Strategic Plans with community buy-in. They focused Streamwood’s leadership on prioritized and tangible goals, including: improving Commissioner and staff cohesion for greater efficiency, developed a master and capital improvement plan that addressed the community’s needs equitably and strengthening the customer service-focused organizational culture to harness input from the growing resident population.

Immediate tangible benefit: Since beginning their three-year Strategic Plan implementation in 2008, Streamwood Park District has aligned their Commissioners and staff around their shared goals and priorities, improved their finances and bond ratings, upgraded their employee force with enhanced skills and abilities, undertaken much-needed park renovations, enhanced their website to better inform the community they serve and created a systemic process to gather and act on resident input.

Support in implementation: To guarantee Streamwood’s success ESC has supported them in every step of their three-year implementation. The Commissioners worked with trained ESC facilitators to undergo a self-assessment of their effectiveness, create Team Operating Principles to keep them focused on their critical role and assess the Park District’s process toward measurable targets along the way. Streamwood’s Executive Director worked one-on-one with an ESC coach to identify road-blocks, improve process agency-wide and impartially hold everyone accountable to the defined goals.

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