30+ Years of Providing High Impact Volunteer Opportunities

Bridgette and UnaProfessionals who volunteer, also called “pro bono” or “skills-based volunteers” are often talked about as the new face of volunteerism. But Executive Service Corps have been matching nonprofits with professionals for more than three decades. ESCs provide opportunities for skilled professionals to volunteer their expertise and experience, and for nonprofits to tap into the tremendous people resources available in our communities.

If you have professional experience, including in management positions in business, government, or nonprofits and want to volunteer, ESCs can offer you opportunities to use your knowledge and skills to enhance the success of nonprofits in your community. Specific opportunities vary so contact the ESC in your community or near to you to see how your can contribute.

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

People applying to the Executive Service Corps often report that they joined because they want to give back to their communities. But you’ll find that there are many benefits to being a member!

  • Learning new skills that may be applicable in personal and professional situations
  • Access to training and resource to help you improve your consulting or coaching skills
  • Getting to know other service corps members through team projects, and events
  • Improved understanding of community problems and of the work of nonprofits to solve those problems
  • Rewards of seeing your client organization become more effective

The experience and judgment you bring to a project is importance to the success of your success as a member of the Executive Service Corps. If you are a good listener and communicator, keep your commitments, and show respect for the nonprofit’s achievements and culture, you will establish trust, which is fundamental to ensuring a nonprofit uses your expertise well.

How to Become a Volunteer

To join the Executive Service Corps, visit the website of the ESC-US affiliate closest to you. Even if you do not have an ESC in your community there may be one you can join near you.

If there is not an ESC in your state, consider starting one! ESC-US can help you get started.

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