Pedigree’s profitability feeding revenue to spay and neuter clinic

UCAN Executive Director Malanie Corwin (L) with ESCC's Judy Dunning

UCAN Executive Director Malanie Corwin (L) with ESCC’s Judy Dunning

Challenge: Proceeds from the Pedigree consignment shop are a significant source of funding for the UCAN (United Coalition for Animals) spay and neuter clinic, so UCAN depends on Pedigree to be profitable. Unfortunately, business was inconsistent and slowing in recent years. ESCC was brought in to evaluate the business and help turn it around.

Solution: An ESCC volunteer with extensive retail experience conducted the assessment of business operations and finances, while two other ESCC volunteer consultants interviewed the store volunteers and conducted market research. The assessment uncovered various needs including staff training, inventory tracking and management, financial tracking and marketing. Together, ESCC and UCAN put together a business plan to address these issues. The adopted new procedures that came out of the business plan are already increasing profitability and bringing in more revenue.