Our consultants work with the board and staff of your organization so that the board can provide effective governance and oversight. Consultants can help board members clarify their individual responsibilities so they provide full support to the organization, including making financial contributions.

Governance Topics

  • Structuring the board’s work to maximize its governance and support roles
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board and of board members
  • Allocating responsibility to the executive
  • Board committee structure
  • The people side: Group dynamics
  • Recruiting board members
  • Managing change

Sample Process

Each project is approached in the way that will work best for your organization. Here is an example of how ESC-US consultants might approach a board assignment.



  • Board members better understand how they can support your organization
  • Your board structure is designed to meet your organization’s needs
  • There is a more productive working relationship between the board and the executive
  • Interaction among board members is constructive and focused on results
  • The board has tools that that it can use to ensure that the board remains effective